We enable Common Nordic market and
Supplier-centric business model, for all!

Utility Clearing House (uClearing) is a 100% independent service provider of flexible communication and data transfer between utility companies on the European energy market.

uClearing now opens the possibility for players in the energy market (e.g. electricity suppliers and network owners) to avoid costly and time-consuming investments to adapt to ambient laws and requirements. One can instead continue to use existing systems, data- and communication format. uClearing ensures the incoming and outgoing data flows are mediated into the formats and regulatory frameworks that are required at the moment.

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About us

uClearing offers centralized services for flexible communication between players on the European energy market.

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Common Nordic retail market

uClearing enables invoice lines and pricing information to be sent to any Nordic (European) utility supplier at any time.

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Supplier-centric business model

uClearing enables network owners to forward invoice data to suppliers in the format they prefer themselves.

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Current and future formats and communication

uClearing enables you to the send- and receive data in the old (current) format, even when the rules require otherwise.

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Central data hubs

uClearing communicates automatically to and from any and all necessary data hubs in Europe.

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Billing, site data etc.

uClearing provides services for automatic completion of site data, the complete management of supplier switching, metering management and the entire billing process.
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