Europe's first clearing house for the utility market

Our service "uClearing" is a 100% independent centralized service for information transfer between players on the European energy market. New laws and external requirements make the cost of network owners and energy suppliers skyrocket when requirements change continuously regarding  (a) what information should be made available to others and (b) how this information should be made accessible.

uClearing now opens the possibility for players in the energy market (e.g. electricity suppliers and network owners) to avoid costly and time-consuming investments to adapt to ambient laws and requirements. One can instead continue to use existing data and communication format until the date on which the company's activities require otherwise. This kind of problem-absorbent and enabling services is termed internationally as "Clearing".

The founders of Props have background from both the energy industry and the international GSM world. They were active in the early 90s and started and developed what later became the GSM world's biggest central clearing and communication platform. Since 2003 they have developed efficient software solutions for European utility companies.