uClearing makes sure that you are communicating with the right hub, in the proper format and with complete data

Each country builds up its own "hubs" (databases) for the collection and distribution of basic information such as site  information, meter readings, etc. Evidence suggests that it is developed parallel databases and hubs in several countries.

The Props service uClearing communicates directly with the hubs and databases in Europe (not just the Nordic countries) where it is necessary. It allows services from uClearing to be used by many types of players in the international energy market (eg, network owners, electricity suppliers, etc) both to deploy, retrieve, and update information in these hubs and databases.

The uClearing ervices offered by Props ensure that the correct hub (or database) is used, and that information between the utility actor and the hub is transported in the manner and in the format that each party desires or demands. This opens up for European players to not having to adjust their unique file formats and file contents in accordance with all the rules and requirements of all countries involved.