Standalone services creating freedom and flexibility for utility companies

Clearing, Nordic retail market

Complete clearing functionality for centralized enabling of the Nordic retail market flexible data communication between energy companies.
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Clearing, Nordic data hubs
Complete clearing functionality for flexible and cost effective data communication to- and from Nordic data hubs.
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Billing / Invoicing
Full management of your billing, with additional services such as customer service, accounts ledger, payments management, reminders and collection.

Completion of sales information
Review, quality assurance, supplementation and monitoring of sales information in the sales process, e.g. correction from errors and complementation of missing site information.

Meter readings management
The collection, examination, conversion, completion, quality assurance and delivery of accurate and complete meter readings.
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Clearing, supplier-centric business model
Complete clearing functionality for centralized and price effective enabling of supplier-centric business model.
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Change of supplier
Complete process for activation of your new customers, including active monitoring and reporting.

Hourly balancing and Profile settlement
Producing of provisional and final shares per supplier and balance responsible party, daily hourly-balancing reporting per network area, and automatic reporting to the correct recipient.

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Pre-priced data management

Management of  pre-priced data from your counterparts, and conversion of information into the format and the parameter settings you prefer as a receiver (including the creation of price lists). Service is also available for the detailed pricing of products in your output data flows before sending them to the recipients.
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