Managing current and future formats & communication - with no need for system investments

One of the main services offered via the Props service uClearing is to absorb and correct the differences between (a) what information each actor in the energy industry (eg, network owners and suppliers) can actually exchange , (b) how this can be technically executed, (c) the formats that can be used and (d) what the industry standards and laws of the respective country requires.

International developments in the energy industry accelerate dramatically and all players throughout the Nordic region (or Europe) can not possibly always keep their communication systems, their reading management systems, and their billing systems 100% updated in accordance with the formats and contents requested/required in each individual country at any time. uClearing  manages the differences among all parties so that everyone gets the information they want, in the way they manage, and in the format each actor prefers to receive it locally.

This means uClearing enables all parties in the market to always be able to communicate with each other, even if all parties do not choose to be constantly updated with the latest file formats, latest communication methods or most recent versions of the data content of the data exchanged. These formats, versions, etc. may instead be upgraded and developed when required by each company's own business.